One party down – one more to go, and a husband’s special day inbetween!! Phew.  Having said that a great day was had by all and I would highly recommend it.  Jas had a ‘make it’ party (Kellie's idea) which included decorating a crown/mask, making hair clips, bookmarks and keyrings (those ones you bake in the oven so they shrink – we left that bit to dad). Then of course the obligatory face-painting.  There were just 6 children (ideal) I had enough time to help when I was needed, and paint a few faces,  I even had time to drink a cup of tea

The only thing I’d do different would be to buy a consolation prize if the last one ends between two people, as a packet of haribo just doesn’t cut it.

Wonky Castle Cake

Anyway next comes Con’s party which is a cinema themed one.  Again only a few kids, let’s hope they are also an easy crowd to please.
Xx Nikki xX